Delta 8 Marijuana Products: The Company Behind the Growing Cannabis Industry

Delta 8 Marijuana Products: The Company Behind the Growing Cannabis Industry

In the late 1990s, Delta 8 was a start-up just like any other. But they had a pioneering idea. They wanted to provide future solutions for the burgeoning cannabis industry and began by developing their own products. Today, Natural Delta 8 Brands are at the forefront of cannabis innovation and leads the way in what’s possible with hemp-based cannabinoids around the globe.

When Delta 8 was only one year old, they produced their first cannabinoid oil after years of experimentation by our Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Robert Melamede PhD. The company aims to find out the most effective ways to extract hemp oil and isolate cannabinoids.

Delta 8 offers an array of solutions, but they don’t start with THC. Delta 8 uses a patented process of cold pressed distillation and filtration to create high quality hemp CBD oil. Their CBD product is a full spectrum extract that contains both CBD and other cannabinoids as well, like CBG and CBC for example.

Natural Delta 8 Brands

It is called the “whole plant” approach because Delta 8 believes that cannabis should be grown in its natural state rather than being extracted from marijuana plants.

Delta 8 believes in continuously developing and improving their products to offer the best possible solutions for their customers. Today, they offer full spectrum cannabinoid oils that are suitable for a wide range of health conditions and pains. Their marijuana products are developed to help people change their lives through cannabis.

Delta 8’s mission is to help people improve their lives through the natural healing power of cannabis. As a national leader in the field, Delta 8 exists because our Founder and CEO Paul Armentano is interested in making a difference in the way our country deals with cannabis. He believes we should embrace it as a legal medicine and actually make it less harmful towards our citizens by reducing arrest, prosecution, convictions, incarceration, etc..

Delta 8 is driven by the highest standards available in the cannabis industry, and their products are hand crafted in a way that they’re safe and effective. Their goal is to create products that are natural, clear, and healthy.

Delta 8 also believes that they should not have to operate in the shadows, as this would not be acceptable when we live in a society of transparency. They want people to know what they are doing with their products at all times so they can make more informed choices about how to look after themselves. Delta 8 believes in responsible use for all customers who want to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

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