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A podiatrist or foot specialist is a foot doctor, a surgeon, and a physician. That treats the ankle, a foot that is associated with structures of the leg.

Importance why you must consult a podiatrist

Feet are complete stabilizers, complex anatomical structures, propulsion engines, shock absorbers. That is instrumental to well-being and health. They need expert care, you have to ensure you’re seeing the most well-trained and qualified healthcare professional. To cure your feet by searching for the letters DPM after their name.

Podiatric surgeons

A podiatrist who is an expert in foot surgery is known as a podiatric surgeon. They are authorized by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. A podiatric surgeon has succeeded in special exams in both surgeries for foot injuries. And conditions and general foot health. Podiatrists must also be permitted to practice in the state that they perform in. Without any licensed, they cannot practice.

Foot Conditions

Podiatrists handle people of various ages. A lot treat a range of general foot conditions. This is similar to a general care physician or a family doctor. Some podiatrists are well-trained in various fields of foot medicine. They may be are experts in:

  • Wound care
  • Diabetes
  • Wound care
  • Pediatric (children)
  • Sports medicine
  • Other kinds of foot care

Once your feet are aching, you might have to see a podiatrist. Even though you don’t have foot pain, it’s a great idea to have your feet checked. A podiatrist can remove safely hard skin on your feet. Also, clip your toenails appropriately. They can also inform you what kinds of shoes are ideal for your feet.

The doctor examines the nerve response with monofilament odiatrist treating feet during procedure.

Experienced the best Podiatrist in Sydney

  • Kate McArthur

The Director of City Feet Clinic in Sydney is Dr. Kate McArthur and has a lot of years of experience. In different areas of the industry as a Podiatrist. Dr. Kate is also one of the exceptional sports podiatrists in North Sydney.

  • Haydar Ozcan

Dr. Haydar Ozcan is a Podiatric Ankle & Foot Specialist surgeon who also grasp a fellowship in foot surgery from the USA. He specializes in the surgical correction of juvenile bunions and adults. Flat feet, hammertoes, deformed feet, nerve pain, ingrown toenails, and painful arthritic joints.

  • David Bugg

Dr. David Bugg is a senior and director podiatrist of Sydney City Podiatry. David has ample knowledge of podiatric complaints, sports injuries. Lower limb biomechanics, he is normally invited by the national media. Including The Sun-Herald and Channel Nine.

  • Ozan Amir

Dr. Ozan Amir achieved his undergraduate in 1994 podiatry degree from the Queensland University of Technology. And in 2004, he finished his Master of Podiatry from Curtin University. He specialized in complex reconstruction and bunion surgery of the forefoot. With severe hammertoe deformities, he worked in both Podiatrist North Sydney and Canberra for 18 years.

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