Meet Delta 9 Brands: Canada’s Largest Dispensary Chain

Meet Delta 9 Brands: Canada's Largest Dispensary Chain

Delta 9 Brands is a leader in the cannabis oil industry. As Canada’s first licensed producer of medical cannabis, Delta 9 employs proprietary and innovative growing technologies including its Pure Sunfarms greenhouse in British Columbia and its Delta 9 Bio Tech Centre located in Edmonton, Alberta. You can see more at

Delta 9 is currently expanding their cultivation facilities to be able to meet the demand for their products.

Lakeland Leisure Group acquired Delta9 in 2016 and they are now under The Lakeland conglomerate which includes 10 companies with a combined market capitalization of over $7 billion US dollars. This is an exciting year for the company as they expand into new markets with anticipated effects on revenue growth, profit margins, innovation and more.

The company has three main products. Each is a full spectrum cannabis oil, which can be used in capsules, liquid and or vapor format. Delta 9 also produces a nano-enhanced raw flower oil, which is also known as their Frost Oil. Finally there’s the Delta 9 THC distillate for dabbing. The three products are offered in five different product formulations. Each formulation has varying percentages of THC and other cannabinoids on the label to suit users with varying needs; from beginners to more experienced consumers who want an enhanced high experience than regular cannabis flowers provide.

Delta 9 Brands

Delta 9 is also a proud supporter of the cannabis community. They are a sponsor for the National Access Cannabis company as well as numerous musical festivals and recognizing outstanding achievements by cannabis law reform advocates.

Product Formulations

The products offered by Delta 9 include five different product formulations. Each formulation contains varying levels of THC, to suit the consumer’s tolerance level and desired effect.

All of Delta 9’s products have been lab-tested to ensure they comply with the stringent requirements set out by Health Canada (the Canadian government agency responsible for setting regulations related to legal access to medical marijuana.) For example, each product formulation has been tested separately, rather than simply averaging out all their products together, to ensure that their labeling is accurate.

Each product formulation is designed to suit the needs and comfort level of different consumers.

Delta 9’s three cannabis oil products are as follows:

Notable Patents and Innovation

Delta 9 has been granted multiple patents by the federal government of Canada, including for its unique growing techniques, innovative extraction processes and their new nano-enhanced cannabis distillate oil. Delta 9 has also received a patent from the European Union for its unique heating method used to create the nano-enhanced cannabis distillate oil. Delta 9 has over 20 pending patents with more being submitted on a regular basis.

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