Side effects of taking testosterone boosters

testosterone boosters

Testosterone is a hormone found in males and females, but males have this hormone in a more significant percentage. This hormone is produced from Leydig Cells. This hormone is responsible for the enlargement of the prostate gland, which later becomes the reason for prostate cancer, so it is essential to maintain the testosteronelevel. The testosterone hormone is responsible for the growth of male reproductive body parts like the testes, prostate glands, and other symbols of being a male like the development of bones and muscles by making them stronger and stiff, the growth of facial, chest, and body hair. If there is less production of testosterone in one’s body, then they will face abnormalities in their body like the decay of bones and frailty. Athletes use testosterone-boosting pills before their competition to increase their performance and improve their body shape, but this act is illegal in sports. In this article, we will be discussing the Safest and best testosterone booster.

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The side effects are-

  1. Increased blood pressure- testosterone boosters increase your body performance and speed up your heartbeat as you lose more calories and fat due to increased body heat increases blood pressure levels. Your heart muscles suffer from increased blood flow and contraction, making your heart work up more than expected.
  2. Edema– is a disease that makes your body tissues swell up due to the incorporation of body fluid trapped in those parts of the body. It mainly occurs in your joints. A common symptom after consuming testosterone boosters for an extended period is mainly swelling of the ankles or foot.
  3. Male breast enlargement– males taking testosterone boosters regularly come across this symptom when they realize that their breasts are more enlarged than usual this is caused due to sudden fluctuation in hormones. If they suddenly stop intaking those, then reverse symptoms might be seen. A doctor’s advice is recommended for this case.
  4. Acne– due to regular testosterone booster intake, an adult might have acne, which is commonly seen in teenagers and adolescents due to their hormone imbalance. Males with high testosterone are at more risk of having acne than males with low testosterone levels.
  5. Liver damage– some males who are intaking testosterone hormones regularly are likely to suffer from liver abnormalities as the ingredients in the commercial boosters increase the production of liver enzymes.

To conclude, testosterone boosters do have some benefits. Still, it is good to follow the simplest way to raise your testosterone level rather than intaking these boosters, which come with severe health issues.

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