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Tips to protect from Covid 19

Tips to protect from Covid 19

As we all know, more countries were severely affected because of Covid 19. Even the well developed countries were unable to tackle this medical emergency. On the other side crores and crores of have also lost their lives because of this virus. Since the vaccination for this virus is still in process, prevention is the only way to stay away from this virus. Some of the best and basic tips that can help in staying away from covid 19 are revealed here.

Wear mask

The first and foremost suggestion provided by the experts after the explosion of corona virus is to wear mask. Wearing the best quality mask is more important to stay away from this virus. Especially people who are spending time in the public places must make sure to wear mask. Even though wearing mask is a protection against this virus, using it in the right way is also more important. The mask should be removed properly and they should also be disposed in the right way.

Tips to protect from Covid 19

Sanitizers and hand wash

Even though there is no medicine, it is proven that sanitizers and hand wash can do magic over corona virus. The sanitizers can kill the corona virus and can provide the best protection for users. Hence while moving out or while handling things in the public place one can use sanitizers to ensure their safety to a greater extent. Apart from this after returning home one can wash their hand or they can take a complete bath to avoid virus infection. The most important thing that is to be noted is the sanitizer which is rich in alcohol content should be used. This is because only such sanitizers are proven to kill corona virus.

High immune foods

Since there is no vaccination for corona virus, one must take healthy foods to develop better immunity in their body. The citrus fruits, ginger, yogurt, almond and other health foods which can help in boosting immunity can be added to the regular diet.

Keep distance

In public places one must make sure to keep up their distance with other people. This is because in crowd corona virus can spread faster to more number of people. In order to avoid such transmission, one must maintain proper distance. It is also better to avoid moving out for unnecessary things. And the people who tend to have even a mild symptom must take test and they must quarantine themselves in order to protect the people around them.

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