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Pharmacy Express: Your Online Pharmacy Delivery Solution

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COVID-19 had continually risen to some parts of the world. People are now trying their best to secure themselves and their families by taking vaccines. But, there is no 100% guarantee that a person can’t be sick and impacted by this deadly virus. So, it is best to make sure of the safety.

Are you a patient under medication, yet afraid of going out to buy for your maintenance? Medmate is the right solution when looking for a pharmacy express service. Customers can order medicine/s online and have them delivered to their doors. With over 1000 available and active pharmacies, you can access them online and order the prescribed medicines.

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How to order?

A patient can track their order of medicine online from the chosen pharmacy. How to order? You may visit the official page and look for the pharmacy where you wanted to buy the prescription. Anyone who ordered can track or monitor their order in the most convenient way. You may shop online by creating an account with the online pharmacy express and choose which pharmacy you want to order medicines.

You may choose from the list of pharmacists available and show your prescription to them online. How can it be possible? As a patient, wanting to take a consultation from a doctor can access several telehealthcare providers online and get prescriptions. The issues online prescription can be used to show to the pharmacy online to buy the prescribed medicine – fast and convenient.

How does an online consultation work?

Access the Medmate page and get a script. You will be redirected to a doctor for the consultation. A 24/7 access to the page helps get an online consultation within one hour of booking. A patient will be talking with the doctor online and receive an instant eScript. The eScript will be used for ordering prescriptions.

Yes, ordering prescriptions online is possible by presenting the eScript from your doctor or a physician. You can access the pharmacy directory and choose one of them to buy the prescription. Wait for the time duration of the delivery – one hour. There is no need for you to go out and visit a healthcare facility, clinic, or hospital just to visit a doctor and receive a prescription.

Complete medical care

Asking if how medical care services work? Anyone can consult a doctor to the page via phone call or video call. You will be talking with a qualified doctor to receive the following:

  • Instant prescription (via email or SMS)
  • Medical certificates
  • Specialists referrals
  • Mental health consultations
  • COVID-19 test referrals
  • Sunspots and skin advice
  • Medical imaging and pathology referrals

All these are provided to you online. Simply check the consultation options for the scheduled time.

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