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What are the best nootropics that you can safely consume?

What are the best nootropics that you can safely consume?

Smart drugs and Nootropic Supplements all have natural substances. It can be used to increase your mental performance for people that are healthy. They are mostly used to increase your memory, creativity, focus, motivation, and intelligence. You may also want to know the best nootropics and how it increases its performances.


It is the most used kind of psychoactive substance around the world. It is mostly found in tea, kola nuts, cocoa, guarana, and coffee. Aside from this, there are also medications, sodas, and energy drinks. This can be used as a supplement or combination with other substances.

 This will work by stopping the adenosine receptors that go to your brain and that make you feel less tired. When you take from low to average caffeine intake it will boost your attention, alertness and lessen your reaction time. You may take these when you are fatigued to help you to keep awake.


It can be found in tea and this can be used as a supplement. There are studies that L-theanine can give you a calming effect without making you feel drowsy. Even when you take 50mg which is equal to two cups of tea it boosts alpha waves in the brain that connect to creativity. When you want to enhance its effectiveness it is best paired with caffeine. These are mostly used when you want to boost your performance.



It is an amino acid that your body produces to make protein. This is used in bodybuilding supplements as it enhances muscle growth and for your brain. After you have consumed the creatine it will enter your brain. It will be linked to phosphate by developing a  molecule that your brain can use to make fuel for the cells.

 Creatinine is giving your brain cells energy to increase reasoning skills and short-term memory. This is applicable for people that are stressed and vegetarians. You can take 5 grams of creatine every day without having a negative effect on your body. When you like to consume large doses it can also be effective. But you have to take it gradually when you like to take large doses.

Ginkgo Biloba

You can extract it from its tree and it has great benefits for your brain. Ginkgo Biloba is an effective way to boost your memory and mental health especially when you are old. When you’re taking this it can lessen your stress and high blood pressure by lowering the level of cortisol.


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