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Breast cancer – symptoms and precaution

Breast Cancer Awareness

As we all know cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which don’t have any definite medicine for the recovery. Many people that that breast cancer will affect only the women. But this is not the fact. This type of cancer will also affect men.  But the fact is in many cases women are severely affected because of breast cancer. As the name indicates this is a cancer that tends to form in the breast. Since is a severe condition, women who tend to have the following sign should initiate the treatment in the early stage.

Breast cancer


The signs of breast cancer tend to remain unnoticed by women as their symptoms may sound to be common. Women who are affected by breast cancer will feel an unusual change in size of their breast. In many cases there may be dimpling in the breast region. There will also be redness or pitting. Overall it can be said that the skin over the breast may turn like an orange skin. In some cases, there will also be inverted nipple. The breast lump will also get thickened and they may turn unusual. The women may not have all the symptoms. In some cases, there will be one or two symptoms. Hence women who tend to feel any of these symptoms can immediately consult the experts to take the treatment in the early stage. Obviously if the treatment is started earlier, they can be treated completely and the victim may get recovered without any complications.


It is to be noted that breast cancer will be common among the women who are above the age group of 30. Hence after the age 30 one must move for regular screening. One can approach the experts for the breast cancer screening. In case if they have any changes in their breast they can feel free to talk to the experts and must make sure to get better clarification about it. Women who have the habit of drinking excessive alcohol will get affected because of breast cancer easily. Hence women can stop taking alcohol or they can limit the usage to a greater extent. Along with this they must make sure to maintain healthy weight and good diet. Researchers have proven that the women who are following the Mediterranean cancer are getting affected because of breast cancer to a greater extent. Hence they can avoid taking such kind of diet plan.

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