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Why should one family be healthy while the other is unhealthy? Why are more kids that are obese and have asthma in some families and not others? What causes conditions like these to become prevalent, and how can we prevent them in a family setting?

These questions may appear unrelated because they concern many different areas of health. However, they all stem from the same problem: modern times. We often forget that our bodies need time to rest. One day’s work is enough for humans (and if we’re lucky maybe even one day’s worth), but not for our muscles or lungs. When we push them too hard, our bodies have trouble healing and recovering. They become weaker and more susceptible to disease, and parents need to take responsibility for their child’s health by home visit doctor.

In the past, children had more time for play. During the winter months, there was no school; during the summer months, children farmed with their families and enjoyed the fresh air. Today kids go from class to class, live in brightly lit buildings with no windows, and often miss school due to illnesses that could be prevented. Children are now accustomed to sitting behind a desk all day in a climate-controlled room just learning facts instead of being out playing with friends and family regularly. The result is a weakened immune system and a body that does not know how to deal with the occasional cold or flu.

home visit doctor

Another concern for parents is the lack of sleep children get in today’s society. Children aren’t allowed to stay up late because their parents are afraid of their safety or are too exhausted from work to enable them to. This causes two problems; one, children feel bored and get into trouble when they can’t find anything else to do but cause trouble, which in some cases leads to depression and anxiety, and two, they don’t get enough sleep either. For muscles and organs (including the brain) to function correctly, they must be rested enough throughout the day. Many adults take naps in the afternoon; they need that time to wind down. Children also need more sleep because they are still growing, and they might not be getting enough of it.

There is less room for play in today’s world than ever before. The days of games with playing cards, skipping rope, or riding bikes are long gone as televisions have replaced them all as children’s entertainment.

In conclusion, parents must work diligently to ensure their children’s health. Relying too heavily on school and society to raise the next generation can cause serious avoidable problems. One of the best ways to improve a family’s health is better to sleep, more physical activity, and more time for play.

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