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Intense Pulsed Light Technology – Your Home Hair Removal Device

Intense Pulsed Light Technology - Your Home Hair Removal Device

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a hair removal device that applies extremely gentle light pulses to the hair roots. It makes the hair go into its resting stage, which is the hair falls out, and gradually grows less hair in that area. The smoothness of the skin lasts for a long time.

IPL hair removal delivers a whopping eight weeks of hair-free after the first four treatments. It is not just for legs. The smart curved attachments will allow you to reach and treat the underarms, face, and bikini area. IPL works as the best replacement for wax treatments, epilators, and shavers.

How does IPL treatment work?

What is the answer to this? IPL works, which is a big thanks to the hair pigments called melanin. It is much like a dark sheet on a hot summer day. The melanin will help the hair absorb the light; from flashes, encouraging it to go to its resting stage.

IPL can leave you with smooth and hair-free skin. How is IPL hair removal done at home? Using the IPL device is easy with these steps:

  1. Shave the area to remove the hair. Do it on the day before doing the treatment.
  2. Choose the right light intensity, according to your skin tone
  3. Turn the IPL device on and wait for the ready to “flash” the light to appear.
  4. Press the flash button
  5. Move to the next spot

Doing the hair removal process takes minutes, depending on the body part. Once the hair stops growing, leave out the shaving step and use the device to keep the skin beautifully smooth. Seeing the positive results from this device ensures that you get quality hair removal technology.

Does the IPL device work well?

What result do you expect from the hair removal device? If you use the device, you will start seeing the results pretty quickly. After the first four tournaments, a long-lasting smoothness of skin can be yours. You may enjoy all these when using the device:

  • 100% hair reduction after four treatments
  • 8 weeks of freedom from growing hair
  • Hair regrows is softer and thinner

It is best to follow the treatment schedule. after four treatments, measured on legs, and individual results vary.

Does the device work on all types of hair?

Yes, the IPL device works on all hair types, to remove the hair of the legs, bikini line, face, and underarms. The device comes with different curve attachments for various body areas. So, it is easy to reach and treat the right way. The graded light settings and sensors mean that you are sure that the skin is getting gentle treatment and keeps smoother skin.

It is always best to pick a high-quality hair removal device, which IPL technology can provide.

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